Karis-Billnäs gymnasium is an upper secondary school for secondary education in Karis, Raseborg, situated approximately 75 km west of Helsinki.

The school has 160 students (aged 16-19) and 15 teachers. The language of teaching is Swedish.

The main purpose of upper secondary school is to prepare students for the national matriculation examination and for studies at university.
The school year is divided into five periods, consisting of seven to eight weeks and the subjects are taught in courses, each of which ususally lasts for one period.

Our national curriculum encompasses the following subjects:
Swedish (mother tongue), Finnish, English, German, French, mathematics, natural sciences, history, social science, religion, philosophy, physical education, health and hygiene, art and music.

Through cooperation with Västra Nylands Folkhögskola and with Lärkkulla Folkakademi we can also offer courses in eg. Spanish and Russian.

In addition, students can take part in a variety of projects. For example, several extensive projects on local history have been accomplished, each of them resulting in a publication written by the students.
At present we are participating in a wide-ranging economy project including topics such as
personal everyday economy, the share market, international economy, ethical investments etc.

As for exchange projects we are currently involved in student exchange with Varese in Italy and with Mikkeli and Helsinki in our own country.

Apart from a wide selection of courses in theoretical subjects there is also an extensive range of courses for students taking special interest in art, music and sports.

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Karis-Billnäs gymnasium
Bulevarden 11
10300 Karis

Esbjörn Hägerstedt
Phone +358 40 684 9766